BTS’s Jimin takes over the world’s largest shopping mall


BTS lead singer Jimin was honored in Dubai for his 25th birthday.

Thanks to the efforts of his fanbase, BTS member Park Jimin took over the world’s largest shopping mall located in Dubai and his birthday announcements were shown on more than 340 ad screens over 7 days.

Jimin became the first and only individual artist whose non-commercial or purely personal advertisements were allowed by the Dubai Mall to be displayed on all of its screens.

Such a great celebration of the birthday of the king of K-pop Jimin is very appropriate to be shown in the largest mall in the world.

The Chinese fan base “Park Jimin Bar” proved once again that their love for Jimin is as great and splendid as the projects they have undertaken this year to commemorate the idol’s 25th birthday.

Among others, Park Jimin Bar announced the 11th of its massive Jimin birthday projects on September 19 and posted “Birthday Support for Park Jimin Part 11 – Clusters of Boisterous.

The first person in the world to have all-inclusive advertising space in the world’s largest and most popular shopping mall, the Dubai Mall. Scope: The entire advertising space of the Dubai Mall. ”

Tribute to Jimin in Dubia

The Dubai Mall, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, covers an area of ​​555,600 square meters that is as large as 50 football stadiums. It is also the most visited shopping center in the world and has become a tourist attraction with more than 80 million annual visitors.

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Jimin’s 15-second birthday ads will run 288 times a day, from October 9 to October 15, on all the advertising screens in the mall, which is more than 340.

Includes all long screens on all floors of the mall and all advertising spaces, guide screens. elevator screens, subway station signs, and even parking lots. It’s really amazing.

On October 9, netizens who went to the mall were surprised to see Jimin’s floors everywhere in the Dubai Mall. Jimin’s video ads were played on a huge 200-square-meter LED screen located on the skating rink. Olympic size Dubai ice.

The same Chinese fanbase has announced other amazing projects for Jimin’s birthday this year. They posted about projects that will make Jimin the first K-pop idol to have cabin support with full global routes with Top 5 South Korean Airlines.

Jimin is the first person in the world to have a Seoul subway support project with the largest scale in history; the first person in the world to have 300 square meters attached to 3 screens in New York Times Square.

Its announcements will conquer four major cities and 26 subway stations with the highest pedestrian flow in China; the first Korean artist to have their own theme festival in Myeongdong, Seoul, Korea with the elegant Serendipity Bubble setup.

Last year, Jimin also did some memorable birthday projects like when they made it snow in October for the artist. They also simultaneously illuminated 34 buildings in China’s wealthiest cities.


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