BTS’s Jimin “smells like flowers” even if he’s not bathing!


Jimin from the group BTS could not only conquer the eyes of the fans, but also the rest of their senses. OMG!

Besides being the lead vocalist and dancer for BTS, Park Jimin is also known for his charming looks and sex appeal. In fact, even James Corden couldn’t resist the “Jimin effect” that ended up calling him “Baby Mochi” during a past visit by the group to their late night show.

A few months ago, Corden scoffed at Jimin’s love for the rice cake sandwich, mochi, to which Jimin responded by calling the English television presenter “Papa Mochi”. Not only that, but the Korean idol also had another “unusual” nickname, and it’s all due to a survey conducted by Korean community portal site DC Inside from May 3-9.

According to allkpop, Jimin ranked first in the “male celebrity who looks like he smells like flowers even after three days without showering.”

According to the report, there were 9,122 respondents who participated in the poll in which 4,288 (47%) voted for the 24-year-old Korean star. Meanwhile, Korean actor Park Bo Gum came in second with 3,042 votes (33%), followed by star actor Kim Soo Hyun’s My Love with 1,183 votes (13%).

Here is the overall ranking result from the online survey:

BTS prepares for their new premiere

South Korean group BTS is just a few days away from introducing their new song, titled “Dynamite.” This song will be released on August 21st. Additionally, idols will also be performing at the MTV Video Music Awards, where they are nominated for three major categories.

But besides everything, the BangTan Boys have announced that they are going to release a new film called “Break the silence: The Movie”. All these new projects will come very soon to surprise ARMY and a new album will arrive in the fall of this year. Are you ready to receive all these releases?

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