BTS’s Jimin keeps breaking records on ALL Social Media


BTS’s King of Social Media and Trending Emperor Jimin has broken another record.

Jimin became the most viewed celebrity on TikTok with his hashtags surpassing 25.2 billion views on the world’s largest short video sharing app.

Jimin-related hashtags like #jimin reached over 17.7 billion views, #parkjimin with 5.56 billion views, and #btsjimin with 1.9 billion views or a sum of 25.2 billion views, the most views ever. the world.

On Japanese TikTok, #jimin also became the first and only to reach 1.3 billion views, while on Korean TikTok, #jimin is the first and only to reach 1.9 billion views.

However, netizens show their support for his videos on the site. Recently, a short clip was uploaded to BTS’s official TikTok channel of Jimin dancing to “Dynamite” while the other members are busy or sleeping. This cheerful Jimin video promoting positivity and joy has now reached 21 million views.

Jimin breaks record with his TikTok account

Previously, it was reported that Jimin broke the TikTok record with the most viewed video, as well as another of his videos became one of the first and only for reaching 70M views, it is the second video with the most likes of a Korean person.

Jimin is also known as one of the favorites on Instagram. In July 2020, Jimin broke the record of former US President Barack Obama, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift as the most mentioned celebrities on Instagram.

Jimin’s related hashtags have now reached 53.1 million mentions for #jimin, 28.7 million for #parkjimin, 6.6 million for #btsjimin and 2.5 million for #jiminbts or a total of 90.9 million. mentions. The numbers show the global impact and power of King Park Jimin social media.

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Additionally, Jimin’s Trending Emperor still holds the record for the fastest tweet to reach 1 million likes in the shortest time of 18 minutes and the fastest tweet to reach 2 million likes in 7 hours.

Jimin is also the first and only to have 7 of his tweets in the 11 fastest tweets on Twitter to reach 1 million likes.

Jimin has further dominated Twitter when he became the first and only individual with 8 tweets that garnered over 2.5 million likes. Finally, during Jimin’s birthday last year, he became the first and only person whose birthday tags ranked all of the top 20 global trends.

Jimin has the most liked video Live

Singer Jimin officially became the first and only Korean artist to receive three national awards. First up is the Order of Cultural Merit in 2018, as he became one of the youngest to receive such an award from the South Korean government.

Second is the 2019 Kim Baek Bong Fan Korean Conservatory Dance Society Plaque of Appreciation for his iconic fan dance at the 2018 Melon Awards. Third is the 2020 James A. Van Fleet Award for his enormous contributions to the relationship between Korea and the United States through his music.

Park Jimin is officially the first and only musician in Korean history to receive these 3 awards:

Order of Cultural Merit (2018)
Recognition plaque (2019)
Van Fleet Award (2020)


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