BTS’s Jimin is the most complete K-Pop idol for knetizens


Netizens chose BTS’s Jimin as the K-Pop idol who has it all: charisma, beauty, talent, and more.

One of the most popular members of BTS, Jimin, has been voted the most complete idol of K-pop. This music industry is full of highly trained artists, with a good presence on and off stage.

However, there are those who stand out for being at a higher level of the average, in the eyes of the public. Eager to know who the top rated stars are today, knetizens (Korean netizens) took an internal vote.

As mentioned, Jimin ranked the most privileged. The reason? For voters, the popular ‘ChimChim’ is endowed with vocal talent, dance, charisma, personality and more. In addition to the above, the kentizens’ appreciations indicate that “there is nothing this idol cannot do well.”

Jimin is the ‘King’ of social media

The new title Jimin receives supports the results of K-Pop idol brand studies, in which he has repeatedly ranked first. These studies consider the popularity of stars in social networks, appearances in commercials, mentions in the browser, etc.

As we’ve mentioned in other Somagnews articles, Jimin is one of the most spoiled idols on social media. Another interesting fact is that Park Ji Min (real name) appears as the ‘King’ in the list prepared by knetizens, which we reproduce below:

8. GFRIEND’s Yuju

7. GOT7’s Jackson

6. Naeun from APRIL

5. Saejeong of Gugudan

4. Chungha

3. Kim Yohan

2. HOTSHOT’s Ha Sungwoon

1. Jimin from BTS

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