BTS’s Jimin is surprised by V’s performance in this song


BTS member Jimin was completely blown away by his friend V’s performance and idyllic lyrics.

Although in the SOOP version BTS has only hosted one episode out of eight so far, ARMY is still delighted to see the members get much-needed downtime outside of their hectic work schedules. From Jimin wearing a hanbok to Jin enjoying his fishing adventures.

The children fully embraced the healing journey to the forest with open arms and made the most of it. Before Ep 2 comes out, ARMY was blessed with 10 minutes of behind the scenes of Episode 1 and as expected it was a lot of shenanigans.

Jimin is delighted with V

However, ARMY couldn’t get over the moment they heard V play a song inside the car that they hadn’t heard before. It was a single from his long-awaited KTH1 mixtape that Taehyung wants to release before the end of 2020. The “Filter” singer was delighted.

Jimin, who was driving the car with J-Hope in tow, complimented his ’95 member saying, “Your voice is so good. You are so good at writing idyllic lyrics. I really want you to write one for me.

Write me one, “to which a happy TaeTae fulfilled,” he replied. ChimChim demanded, “Write me one by the end of August,” to which Taehyung seemed unsure and said, “End of August? Okay.”

“You promised,” Jimin joked and proceeded to receive a pinky promise from TaeTae. Also, the lyrics that could be heard through the translation of @ doyou_bangtan says: “Could you dance with me because I can’t live without you?”