BTS’s Jimin is recognized by WHO. What did he do?


The director general of the WHO recognized Jimin for his great support towards those affected by COVID-19. What did the BTS member say?

Park Jimin, the lead dancer and lead vocalist of BTS is known for his comforting words, such as reminding fans to beware of cold weather during the concert, reminding everyone to wear a face mask during the pandemic, to insure and protect themselves against it. COVID-19.

Jimin made countless headlines for his comforting words and comforting heart, as well as being appreciated by many fans and influential acts around the world.

During BTS Global Media Day, the South Korean artist once again spoke some comforting words to everyone. Then the Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, expressed his gratitude to Jimin for his words.

Jimin a world icon

The director describes Jimin’s words, as well as BTS’s music, as comforting and healing for those up front and those affected by COVID-19. He also proceeds to congratulate them on their recent achievement on the Billboard Hot 100.

Aside from offering comforting words, the BTS member is also known for his kind act towards others. Recently, it was reported that he donated 100 million won as scholarships and educational development in South Jeolla Province.

Before that, he also donated the same amount along with new tables to his alma mater, Busan High School of Arts. His humility and kindness lead his fans to follow his path.

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Jimin really shows a great example to people all over the world as an idol. That being said, there is no question why he is one of the most popular South Korean idols in the world.


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