BTS’s Jimin has a unique dance style highlighted by experts


Jimin is one of the expert dancers in BTS, as well as being widely recognized throughout the K-Pop industry, what is his style and why is it so special?

In BTS we not only find excellent singers and rappers, the idol group also has amazing dancers who demonstrate all their great power in each performance, one of them is Jimin, who from a very young age discovered his skills and decided to perfect them.

Park Jimin dreamed of dedicating himself to dance, from a very young age he had a great passion for this discipline that led him to prepare himself in the path of dance; Although at first he did not have the support of his parents who wanted another profession for his son, he managed to convince them and prove that he could stand out with his talent.

This is how since before becoming a BigHit trainee and being part of Bangtan Sonyeondan, Jimin auditioned in various contests and worked on polishing his talent to shine like no other dancer; When he debuted, his power to dance could be even more visible and thus be as recognized as he is today.

Mochi’s performances have left the world amazed at the skills of this idol, what makes Jimin’s dance so unique? His abilities are not only appreciated by ARMY, but also by experts who highlight the best of his performance on stage.


Street Dance Girls Fighter contestants, specializing in dance, highlighted Jimin for his unique and special way of dancing, the dancers said that the BTS idol really makes art when he is on stage, what stands out most about the dancer ?

According to the experts, Jimin’s dance has modern styles and he magnifies his arm movements with big and wide movements, which emphasizes his strength, they analyzed the idol’s performance with I Need You in the 2019 MMA.

This is how Jimin not only makes a great impression on the public with his dance, he is also appreciated by experts in the discipline who find him a great dancer.


Jimin’s dance style is contemporary dance, as his movements are fluid and smooth, with a powerful delicacy to offer; In many of his choreographies you can see the fluidity of his movements when dancing, something that characterizes this type of dance.

Park Jimin definitely stands out as a dancer and every time he goes on stage he proves more of his great skills that enchant fans and dance experts.

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