BTS’s Jimin Happily Talks About His Collaboration With Taeyang


Working with your idol is like a dream come true. Working with someone you admire can have a positive effect on an artist’s skills and self-confidence.

Although the chances of something like this happening in real life seem small, it happened to BTS’s Jimin, who recently had the opportunity to collaborate with his idol Taeyang for the single “Vibe”.

Jimin de BTS parle avec joie de sa collaboration avec Taeyang

In a recent upload of THEBLACKLABEL on YouTube, you can see how Jimin expresses his disbelief at the prospect of working with his idol. “I can’t believe it,” Jimin said.

After that, Taeyang hugged Jimin and said he couldn’t believe it either.

Then Jimin got on the cover of W Korea magazine, for which he also gave an interview in which he talked about his career, other BTS members, as well as his collaboration with Taeyang from BigBang.

Jimin enthusiastically commented: “Taeyang is my idol. So much so that it would not be an exaggeration to say that I came all this way with the goal of one day working with him on music. When I was younger, I felt and learned a lot from watching his progress.”

He added: “When he contacted me to work on the song together, I couldn’t believe it. Working together with him with this opportunity, I found out that [Taeyang] was even cooler and better than I thought.”

He concluded by saying, “I was also touched by how carefully he took care of everything throughout the production process. It made me think, “I want to become a singer who sings very well and performs very well on stage. »

Knowing that Taeyang also praised Jimin, we can say that it was a perfect collaboration!


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