BTS’s Jimin First South Korean Idol To Set This Record


BTS’s Jimin, the king of social media, broke into Twitter by having over 7 million mentions.

Park Jimin, the lead vocalist and dancer of BTS is known for his impact and popularity on social media platforms. Known as the “trending emperor” and the “ruler of Twitter.”

Jimin set a major record when he officially became the most-mentioned South Korean idol with over 7 million mentions (27.4 million engagements) in 24 hours on his birthday. He is the first and only idol to set this record on Twitter.

On top of that, Jimin also broke his own record by becoming the first and only person in the world to rank 28 out of 30 in the global trend on his birthday this year. Last year he was the first and only person in the world to reach the top 20 places in the global trend.

Jimin generates worldwide impact

Known for his impact and popularity, the BTS member’s birthday this year was celebrated all over the world. More than 150 influential acts and official Twitter accounts, such as media, fashion, celebrities, shopping sites and many more, were seen sending him their birthday wishes. His wishes keep flooding Twitter until now.

Known for having one of the biggest supporters from fans, this year it was recorded that fellow model Jimin had more than 200 birthday projects around the world.

Birthday projects such as advertisements in different places such as subway, building and social media, charities such as donation, adoption, educational development, nature recovery and coffee events.

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Jimin, who saw all the birthday wishes for him, expressed his gratitude on Twitter by posting two new selca and promising to have a live birthday soon. Jimtober is not done yet and fans will continue to celebrate his birthday until the end of the month.


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