BTS’s Jimin Explains Why He Doesn’t Currently Have Pets


BTS’s Jimin explains why he doesn’t currently have pets. ARMY was surprised by the fact that Jimin revealed for the first time in his eight-year career at BTS.

Following Zoom’s meetings with 200 ARMYs, some BTS members set aside time in their schedule to do live broadcasts open to the entire fandom. Jimin took advantage of the transportation time to log into VLive.

The singer talked about his latest activities and also answered questions from fans. It was the perfect opportunity to discover curiosities about him.

One user asked him if he was thinking of adopting a pet soon. Of all the members of BTS, Park Jimin is the only one who currently does not have a canine or feline companion. He used to take care of a puppy named Ddosun, whom he raised as a puppy, but he passed away in 2016.

On the broadcast, the singer explained, “It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I like animals, but I am very allergic to cats ”.

Fans were surprised because in other BTS activities they have seen Jimin petting felines. Although he has a reaction to their fur, the idol gets close to them for a few moments.

The “Filter” interpreter added that he has also considered the option of adopting a puppy, but has doubts about his ability to be a responsible owner due to the busy schedule he manages.

“I really like puppies, but I was unsure if I could take good care of him now. Maybe when I’m 40 or 50? I’ll have a dog by then. “

Jimin really enjoys playing with animals. ARMY witnessed it with this behind the scenes of the MV “Life goes on”.


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