BTS’s Jimin asks fans to be careful during typhoon season


BTS member Jimin became a trend on Twitter by reminding fans to be careful during typhoons.

Park Jimin, BTS’s lead vocalist and dancer became a hot topic and trending worldwide after reminding fans to take their precautions during typhoon season.

In his recent tweet, Jimin, who also shared several new photos, said: “It is a relief that the typhoon has passed. It is said that it will return next week, so be careful.”

It was recently reported that South Korea is facing the most powerful typhoon this year, Typhoon Bavi. With a maximum wind speed of 155 kilometers, the typhoon was reported to hit the southern island of Jeju on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the Ministry of the Interior and Security, strong winds and rain left hundreds of homes without electricity and damaged buildings, trees, street lamps, telephone poles, road barriers and signs in Jeju.

More than 480 domestic flights in and out of Jeju and the southern city of Busan were canceled Wednesday night. South Korean authorities also closed public parks and sea bridges and moved hundreds of fishing boats and other boats. For now, let’s hope there is no further damage and pray for the safety of everyone present.

Jimin conquers in social networks

Other than that, the BTS member, who was wearing a white shirt paired with a cream Chanel hat, looked like an angel with the addition of the heartwarming message. He trembled for a keyword that is his nickname, “Jiminie” around the world and for various keywords in South Korea.

The singer also trembled for various keywords, which mostly contained his name in various other countries. Proving its global impact and popularity around the world.

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There is no better exercise for the heart than bending down and lifting people up, and Jimin really sets a great example with his comforting words.


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