BTS’s Jimin And His Dad Renew Magnate Cafe With More Idol Items


The good connection between BTS and their families is reflected at every moment, proof of this is the group’s collection that is part of their business, what is it about?

Although much of the family life of the BTS members is kept private, there are details that the boys have shared throughout their careers. Thus, many fans have gotten to know Jimin’s father and have even visited the site he runs.

The father of this singer has become known for his closeness and good relationship with the idol, but also for running a cafeteria that fans love to visit, as it also opens the ARMYS to hold birthday events or for other reasons celebration in honor of the HYBE group.

Now that the cafeteria has undergone some changes, the BTS vibe continues to permeate the decorations around the venue, this time with new items that every fan would love to see in person.

Many fans will remember that previously in the decorations of the Cafe Magnate you could see a collection of Park Jimin caps, so this was a great attraction that more than one wanted to be photographed with on their visits.

Now the cafeteria has arrived in Busan and with the renovations and changes, new items also arrived for the collection of personal items that are displayed in this place, can you imagine what it is?

Recent visitors have discovered that there are now some Jungkook caps as well, including a red one with the idol’s name in white and also a bucket hat that is memorable to ARMY. In the same way, a white Jimin cap was added to the collection that we saw him wear on a trip.

This site bears the name of Magnate Café, is located in Jimin’s hometown and has become a must-see for BTS fans within this Asian country and also for those who visit it.

Would you like to go to this cafeteria with other ARMYS? It would certainly be a memorable experience and the photos in this place could not be missing.

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