BTS’s J-Hope: Who are the K-Pop star’s PARENTS?


This is everything we know about the mysterious parents of Jung Hoseok, better known as BTS’s J-Hope.

We all know that Jung Hoseok, aka J-Hope, has a family in South Korea, but who are his parents really? This is everything we know in La Verdad Noticias, about Hobi, his music and the family behind him.

J-Hope is one of the rappers and older members of the award-winning K-Pop group BTS. He is known for his warm smile and personality, appearing on songs like “Black Swan” and “On” on the album Map of the Soul: 7.

Unfortunately, not much is known about J-Hope’s family and his relationship with the singer, and that includes their names.

Some fans report that his father is a literature teacher and both parents have been supportive of his musical ambitions. However, none of this has been confirmed by J-Hope or his sister.

Although he often acts as an older brother to the other members, J-Hope is the biological younger brother of his family. According to Amino Apps, the BTS rapper is the only child in the family. The article goes on to say that he has an older sister, Jung Da Won, who has her own clothing store called Mejiwoo.

Who are J-Hope’s parents?

Fans don’t see J-Hope’s parents often. They were able to see him when his family sent him a surprise birthday message. (This was years ago, just a few months after the boy band debuted with Big Hit Entertainment.)

Additionally, J-Hope posted a video of him spending time with his mother and sister. Other K-Pop idols mentioned their relationship with J-Hope’s family, including a member of the group Super Junior.

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“I was listening to BTS give their speech after winning a Daesang, but Hobi was the only member who couldn’t give a comment,” said Super Junior’s Leeteuk, according to Soompi.

“When we went up for our prize, we were running out of time, but I thought, ‘Oh no! I’m close to J-Hope’s parents! “So even though it was a live event, I asked him to say something anyway,” he continued.


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