BTS’s J-HOPE is Free from COVID, Idol Goes to the Grammys


Good news for ARMIE: member Jay-Hope from the boy band BTS has finally got rid of the COVID-19 infection, idol will soon join the group’s activities and take part in the Grammy Award ceremony, as well as in his concerts in Las Vegas with his “Permission to Dance”.

After a series of doubts and fears for the ARMY, news appeared about the health of a member of the K-Pop group BTS, Jay-Hope, finally, the translator of “Chicken Noodle Soup”, out of the risk of infection with COVID-19 and will join the planned activities of the group.

Will J-Hope go to the United States? Yes, fortunately, a member of the BTS boy band will meet with the rest of his teammates and, thus, will join the Grammy Award ceremony, as well as the concerts that will take place at Allegiant Stadium.


In an official statement, BigHit Music reports that a member of the K-Pop group BTS is free from infection with the recent COVID-19 virus after mandatory quarantine and compliance with the provisions of official health laws. -Nadezhda can make his trip to the USA.

The Grammy nominee will fly from Incheon International Airport to Las Vegas, USA, and it is estimated that he will arrive at his destination on April 2, 2022, so he may soon become part of the annual music event that is so important for the environment.

Without a doubt, this is what fills us with emotions, knowing that J-Hope will join such an important event in his musical career, and therefore we will continue to see how he shines in this profession, which he has chosen and developed since 2013. ARMIE, are you ready?

J-Hope will perform at the Grammy Awards ceremony as part of his “PERMISSION TO DANCE” tour

In an official statement from the entertainment company, it was reported that J-Hope will take part in the annual Grammy Awards ceremony on April 3, so, ARMIE, we will undoubtedly see the idol shine like never before.

We are pleased to learn that the participant will take part in the “Permission to Dance” tour in the following days, and therefore he will be able to hold his presentations, which will take place at the Allegiant Stadium on the dates marked on April 8, 9 and 14. 15.

This is something we can’t wait to see, and we’re glad to know that Idol is free from infection, Jay-Hope had mild symptoms when he was in quarantine, such as sore throat, but his health condition wasn’t serious, he finally did well and, Thus, they will be included in the activities of BTS.

What do you think about it, ARMIE? Of course, it’s nice to know that J-Hope will be a part of this important event in his K-Pop music career with BTS.

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