BTS’s J-Hope Donates To Children in Need


J-Hope BTS has donated 100 Million Won (1.25 Billion Rupiah) for children in need.

On August 18, a report revealed that J-Hope donated 100 Million Won as a member of ChildFund Korea’s “Green Noble Club”.

The BTS member stated, “I hope the donation will be given to underprivileged children who have been harmed by various kinds of social problems, especially children who are experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19.”

The donation will be used for emergency life support to help children experiencing financial hardship during the pandemic as well as the recent heavy rains and floods.

The chairman of ChildFund Korea, Lee Jae Hoon stated, “We express our deepest gratitude to J-Hope of the famous group BTS for still thinking about children who are experiencing difficult financial situations and continuing to make donations.”

“ChildFund will follow its cherished intentions and do its best to support these children in need.”

J-Hope became the 146th member of the ‘Green Noble Club’ in 2018 for his donation of 150 Million Won (1.87 Billion Rupiah) to children in need and students who are pursuing their dreams.

In February 2019, he donated 100 Million Won to low-income students and 100 Million Won to children in need in December of that year.

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