BTS’s fortune after New Year’s Rockin ‘Eve

Bangtan Sonyeondan’s performances manage to captivate ARMY’s heart, but some also bring high-figure earnings with them. How much did the group earn for being in Times Square?

Every year, New York City brings together a large number of people who want to celebrate the New Year in a special way, since a musical show is also carried out with great stars worldwide, the last time BTS was part of show and the idol group made incredible profits from the expensive event.

Due to the security measures to ensure the health of the population, this year Times Square will not receive thousands of people, but we can remember some of the most special moments that have been lived within the show, can you imagine how much is spent on a show of this type?


In addition to the decoration, logistics and security for the event, one of the most important expenses is the payment to the artists who show up to welcome the New Year.

According to The Hustle, artist payments depend on who it is, small acts can earn around 250 million and up to 500 thousand dollars, but in the case of BTS, which was already a worldwide phenomenon, they received 1 million dollars. for his participation in the show.

We recently also told you that RM received an award due to a contribution she made to the world of the arts, know the details in NaciĆ³n Rex.



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