BTS’s favorite colors and their meanings


BTS’s favorite colors and their meanings. Discover the meaning behind your favorite color.

BTS is a group that has shown great friendship and camaraderie, they have lived great moments together despite having different personalities. They may have completely different styles, tastes and preferences, which is reflected in their favorite colors.

Like the zodiac signs, colors greatly influence your way of being, they can represent things about your personality or the way you act before life. BTS has their favorite colors and perhaps they are attracted to them unconsciously by having behaviors related to their meaning. We leave you the list of the favorite colors of BTS.

ARMY knows his favorite color is pink, why?

The idol’s personality is a bit innocent and mischievous like that of a child, perhaps that is why he is attracted to this color. It is also said to belong to a romantic person. It could also be synonymous with naivety, as it is a cute color , it could give us a false sense of things. OOPS!

The rapper has an inclination towards white, a color that represents humility, purity and virtue. We know that Suga is someone who tends to think a lot about human emotions, something that surprised Halsey, since he usually captures his emotions through his songs, this color could represent him very well, since it speaks of being at peace, his soul and mind they are totally calm.

This tone also gives the feeling of someone lonely or cold due to how “flat” it is.

Hoseok has a preference for green, a color overcoming and renewal, expresses harmony and security. It also represents hope, a pretty nice coincidence with his nickname and his motto “I’m your hope, Your my hope”. The idol is usually the friendliest in the group and always supports his peers.

This color can also be related to negative things in life such as envy or rancor.

Black: Power, seriousness, mystery, this is Namjoon’s favorite color and may have similarities to his way of being, as the idol is quite studious and likes art. Although black is also related to negative things like death.

It also represents growth and RM has had a great evolution in self-esteem. In ancient Egypt it was seen as a color that represented growth.

Blue: Loyalty and trust, Jimin has shown that he has a big heart with ARMY by helping them whenever he can, this color is the perfect one for him.

It also gives us the feeling of calm and care. Fans can feel safe if they talk to Jimin or share his things, because they know that the idol will always respond positively to them.

“I purple you”, the motto that was born thanks to Taehyung and his love for the last color of the rainbow. Purple gives V the virtues of creativity, purity, and wisdom. How many times have you not advised ARMY? It can also be seen in the great songs he has created, such as “Winter Bear”.

Color is related to people who are very connected with their feelings, in fact, if you wear something of this shade it can help you collect positive energies, as it is said to help you change those bad aspects.

Red: Fire, passion, we know that Jungkook is very talented and he shows it with the choreography, raps and in his singing. The idol is an explosion on stage, which is why this color could be his favorite.

Kookie has a sexy and very badboy personality , the red color represents the energy and vitality of people. Is it reflected in its attractiveness? Of course, it is a color that love emanates. It also gives courage, but at the same time it can greatly exalt your emotions and give the feeling of impulsiveness.


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