BTS’s Dynamite surpasses 100 million views on YouTube


Dynamite’s premiere was a huge success and the BTS fandom set the K-Pop group some new records. After the success of the albums Map Of The Soul: 7 and Map Of The Soul 7: The Journey, it was to be expected that the BTS fandom would show their strength to support the group with the release of Dynamite, which was a great success. The surprise was to learn that the idol group from Big Hit Entertainment broke several records with the video for this song.

BTS made a countdown to increase the excitement of the group’s fans who were keeping an eye on the premiere on YouTube, but the blog of this video platform revealed that Dynamite was crowned as the YouTube premiere that managed to gather more people for a premiere. .

There were 3 million people who waited for the premiere of Dynamite and who enjoyed this premiere that gave it a new record in the history of the video platform.

But the excitement was just beginning for ARMY, the fandom worked to show BTS’s popularity through the number of views on Dynamite’s video, which reached a total of 98.3 million views during its first 24 hours.

Being so close to 100 million, ARMY continued to strive to surpass its own mark. Thus, the Dynamite video released by BTS became the video with the record for having reached 100 million views in the shortest time.

It only took ARMY 24 hours and 27 minutes to reach this impressive figure, proving how well loved the idol group is around the world.

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Recently, BTS talked about the meaning of Dynamite and the performance of this song during the 2020 MTV VMAs.


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