BTS’s Dynamite breaks new YouTube views record


BTS’s music video for Dynamite continues to break records upon its release. A few days ago, the BTS members came back with a new music video for the song Dynamite. This song won the hearts of ARMY and the support for the video clip has not stopped, which is why the idol group has already won several records on YouTube.

The Bangtan boys fandom showed their determination before the time of its premiere, which is why the launch of Dynamite was a success on the video platform. So the idol group quickly reached 100 million views and set an incredible record, but the dedication of the fans did not stop.

Although ARMY’s goal was to reach 100 million views in the first 24 hours, the fandom maintained their support for the group’s new release from Big Hit Entertainment, so they were able to reach a new milestone in a short time.

BTS had become the fastest group to reach 100 million views on YouTube and now also established itself as the fastest to reach 200 million views, both records were set with the Dynamite video clip.

It took just 4 days and 12 hours for the most popular K-Pop group of the moment to break this mark on YouTube. Wow

However, Bangtan fans have no intention of stopping their support for Dynamite, as this song has become a source of joy and motivation for all fans of the group.

BTS may be making a comeback very soon with new music, and one of the upcoming releases is believed to be Taehyung’s first mixtape.

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