BTS’s comeback may be very close based on these tracks


Floristería Smeraldo’s announcements have repeatedly coincided with new BTS releases. The Florist Smeraldo returned, sparking theories about the upcoming album BTS .

Previously, the blog of a florist named Smeraldo had sparked ARMY’s interest due to some coincidences found in comebacks a few years ago, but the revival of his blog has revived suspicions between his bond with BTS .

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In 2017, this florist’s blog announced that it would open a store in September, which coincided with BTS making their comeback during that same month with the album Love Yourself: Her .

A year later, Smeraldo Florist again published that it would open a store in August, the same month that the idol group released Love Yourself: Answer. Coincidence? ARMY said: I don’t think so.

The florist’s blog had been sitting idle, however, it has returned with a new post saying:

The reason I started this blog was to present the flower called ‘Smeraldo’. In advance, I am preparing to open a specialized flower shop in Smeraldo in late August. If you think about it, you may think it’s just a blog to promote your own store, but not me, I think that Smeraldo and I met for more than just business.

This post has unleashed new theories among BTS fans, as if the same pattern that was followed earlier were to be repeated, this announcement could be signaling that BTS’s comeback will occur in late August or the days after.

We know that the BTS guys are already making some preparations for their next album , but before that happens, the group will release their Japanese album, where they will include the song Your Eyes Tell, find out how BTS created this melody .

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