BTS’s Carlos Rivera and Jimin wear the same jacket


The Mexican singer Carlos Rivera used last night in Quien es la Máscara a jacket identical to that of Jimin from BTS.

Carlos Rivera decided to treat himself with an exorbitantly priced jacket since he chose to buy an identical garment to the one that the famous Jimin of BTS recently wore.

It should be noted that this K-Pop group is one of the most influential today so they do not skimp on expenses, in addition to the best brands sponsor them.

Gucci, FILA, among other expensive brands, are the ones that are in charge of dressing the members of BTS, so it is clear to us that Carlos Rivera’s jacket must have cost an arm and a leg. And of course, knowing that the program Who is the Mask, has an excellent rating, he had to take good care of his image.

How much does Jimin and Carlos Rivera’s jacket cost?

The Saint Laurent bomber jacket is priced at approximately 60,000 Mexican pesos ($ 2,990). Carlos Rivera invested a lot to be able to wear that outfit on Sunday night but this worked as a publicity since the BTS fandom (ARMY) immediately realized that it was the same jacket as Jimin.

If we can be sure of something from now on, it is that Carlos Rivera does not skimp on expenses when it comes to clothing and that in order to be fashionable, youthful and look spectacular, this singer is willing to pay whatever is necessary.

It was inevitable not to think of Jimin with that jacket since the Korean used it in James Corden’s carpool, a YouTube video that has more than 52 million views and where Jimin shone with his sympathy and dance steps.

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