BTS’s “Butter” Breaks Record For 24-Hour Views On YouTube


BTS’s “Butter” crosses the finish line: “Butter” breaks the record for 24-hour views on YouTube.  How many views did you get in 24 hours? “Butter” breaks several marks reached by “Dynamite” on YouTube and ARMY crosses the proposed goal.

UPDATE: The first day of “Butter” views on YouTube is over, and the 24-hour record is now in your hands. BTS’s song is imposed on the figures of “Dynamite” since its premiere, an indication that the septet will continue unstoppable in 2021.

Butter” is the second song that the Bangtan Boys release in English. It is a happy track, with touches of dance-pop, whose verse ‘Get it, let it roll’ remains impregnated after hearing it. As Jimin mentions via conference in Korea, it does not have a deep meaning, but rather “it is a cute song that you can listen to easily.

As a musical phenomenon, BTS and ARMY work hand in hand to make their mark on each project. With this single, they begin a new year of challenges and records.

If in 2020 “Dynamite” was crowned as the MV with the highest views in 24 hours with 101.1 million, this figure was surpassed by “Butter” before the end of the day.

According to automated counters, “Butter” reaches more than 100 million views in just 21 hours. With this rhythm, this song replaces “Dynamite” on the throne he has held since August 2020.

Update: In 22 hours, ARMY has managed to enter the proposed goal on YouTube. They now have 105 million unfiltered views.

Update: With just 23 hours and 28 minutes left until the premiere, “Butter” more than completed the maximum goal that the fandom had set for itself. Now it registers 111 million views.

Update: Closes the first 24 hours of “Butter”. According to the preliminary count, without the official YouTube filter, the “Butter” stream reached over 113 million views.

24 hour goal

Although the overall goal is to bring “Butter” as the most viewed MV on YouTube , the ARMY fandom has set out to reach a rank of 105-110 million on the first day of release.

In addition, they hope that, in a week, the video clip with RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook will reach 230 million views. For this, long before the premiere, they have distributed tutorials for effective streaming .

“Butter”, the most watched YouTube premiere

On May 21, “Butter” hit YouTube and in just minutes it already had a new record. According to Forbes, the anticipation of hearing BTS’s new sound caused at least 3.89 million users to connect simultaneously to its midnight premiere .

In contrast, the title of “Dynamite” was achieved in 2020 with three million attendees in the premiere on YouTube.

The official figure on will be shared by YouTube in the coming days, but the lead gives ARMY enough clue to celebrate the success of “Butter”.

“Butter” achieves # 1 on MelOn

BTS completes one more goal. This time, “Butter” managed to climb the MelOn 24 hits chart and take first place. The song surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Peaches,” which held # 1 on the Korean chart for five consecutive days.


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