BTS’s Break the Silence premiere, ARMY excitement


BTS’s new documentary has already been released in some parts of the world, and fans share their excitement for all the performances scheduled for this film.

This year has been packed with special moments for BTS and their fans, but the premiere of Break The Silence is one that has caused the most anticipation for fans of the Big Hit Entertainment idol group. Next we will tell you how the ARMY experience is being lived.

It is time to see Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, RM, V and Suga on the big screen and with it came many surprises for the fans. The story shown on the screen will reveal emotional and admirable moments of these idols, but that is not all you will be able to enjoy.

Cinemas in each country have decorated their facilities with purple details to match this special occasion, so you will be surrounded by elements to complement this memorable experience.

In the cinemas of South Korea, the promotional posters for this film and some perfect spots for fans to take photos are already decorating the place.

The tickets for this function also have a very special design in several of the cinemas around the world, which fans have captured in photographs after acquiring their access to one of the multiple functions.


The excitement of BTS fans is at the maximum in front of this expected premiere, so the positive comments for the idol group have been present on social networks.

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Unfortunately, not all states and countries have authorized the opening of cinemas due to the difficult situation in the world, but that does not prevent all fans from sharing the pride that the premiere of Break The Silence represents.

Fans have encouraged others to follow preventive health care measures in case they plan to go to the movies and enjoy this film, while those ARMYs who will not see the film were still willing to wait for this incredible production. .

Also BTS In The Soop premiered a new episode and Jungkook showed us his facet as a painter by imitating some qualities of Bob Ross’s technique.


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