BTS’s agency absorbs the label created by rapper Zico


Big Hit Entertainment BTS’s agency acquired the record label established by rapper and producer Zico considered one of the most successful in K-Pop.

Big Hit Entertainment has revealed that the acquisition of rapper Zico’s KOZ Entertainment label is part of the agency’s efforts to expand artists’ intellectual property and strengthen their ability to produce K-Pop hits like group BTS.

The creator of BTS Bang-Si-hyuk commented that through the agency’s global network Big Hit Entertainment he hopes that K-Pop artists signed in KOZ by Zico will perform vigorously in the world market.

Woo Ji-ho is the real name of Zico who debuted as the frontman of K-Pop group ‘Block B’ in 2011 and later established KOZ Entertainment in early 2019. Part of the reason the 28-year-old rapper and producer years he’s known are his crossover skills within the Korean hip hop scene.

Big Hit’s expansion after BTS’s success

Building on the success of BTS, Bang-Si-hyuk has sought to make structural changes to the Big Hit Entertainment agency by acquiring labels such as Source Music, which represents the K-Pop girl group GFRIEND, as well as Pledis Entertainment, home of boy bands. NU’EST and Seventeen.

Thus, BTS’s agency continues to expand after the acquisition of the label created by Zico, venturing into businesses such as webtoons, animations, comics, dramas, and movies with 3D graphics. In Somagnews we will closely follow the interesting foray of this K-Pop agency in these genres.

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