BTS, ZICO and More at the SBS Super Concert 2020


We have all the details of the next concert where the K-Pop stars of the moment will be presented. BTS has been announced for a new concert …

The SBS Super Concert 2020 has launched a line up through a video, in this preview the city where it was carried out was revealed and the day, we give you all the details so far.

This concert a year ago was held in the city of Incheon, but this year, the place that these idols will receive Daegu Stadium in the hometown of Suga and V .

The first line up revealed through a video , so far is:

– BTS – THE BOYZ – SF9 – ZICO – Cherry Bullet

There are more groups that will be confirmed over time.

The official date of the concert is next Sunday , March 8 and tickets will be on sale soon.

What artist would you like to see?

Watch the video below:


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