BTS: YouTube is removing Dynamite MV’s footage


ARMY is angry after it became known that YouTube removed thousands of views of the MV for Dynamite, the new BTS song.

A couple of days ago, the MV for ‘Dynamite’, the first single entirely in English by BTS, which begins a new musical era for the band, was released on YouTube; That is why ARMY, the name given to the fandom of the group, organized itself to achieve that this clip breaks records in reproductions during its first 24 hours within the platform.

But today it was announced that YouTube has discounted thousands of visits to the new BTS MV, news that has undoubtedly angered the ARMY because a great effort was made all over the world for idols to get more. of 98.2 million views in its first 24 hours, a figure that sets a new record.

ARMY enrages over YouTube action against BTS

According to information published by the Chart Data News site on its Facebook account, the platform made a small adjustment in the number of reproductions that the ‘Dynamite’ MV had on YouTube, since from having more than 133 million visits, it became 120 million, thus losing 13M views.

So far it is unknown what is the reason why the new BTS video lost that number of visits, but it is known that YouTube modifies the number of views when it finds various anomalies, an example of this is the use of BOTS, a kind of computer program that performs repetitive tasks in the Internet world.

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It should be noted that this is not the first time that the boys of BTS have suffered modifications in the numbers of reproductions that their MVs receive on YouTube, because in February of this year the platform took away more than 67 million visits to the clip of ‘ON’.

ARMY is determined to recover the visits that YouTube has discounted to the video of ‘Dynamite’ and has started a massive reproduction of the new BTS single within the platform.

And you, what do you think of this event? Have you already seen the MV for the band’s new single? What do you think about it? Leave your answer in the comments.


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