BTS writes adorable and inspiring letter to ARMY


The BTS members shared their feelings with a very special letter dedicated to their fans. BTS has worked a lot during this year, but the success of their music releases has kept their attention on them and now they decided to take a moment to send a message to their followers, so these Big Hit Entertainment idols wrote a letter expressing their feelings to the group’s fans.

The letter was published through Vogue UK magazine and sends a message of motivation and thanks to those who have supported them in their careers.

Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, V, RM, and J-Hope began this message by showing their understanding to all those who may be having a difficult time, sharing that even for them it has not been an easy season.

The world is not perfect at the moment, these are difficult and fast-changing times. We too have struggled through the difficulties of this year and have had to abandon our plans. We were discouraged and upset …

The BTS members tried to motivate their fans through this message, noting that even if they were unable to meet them in person, the idols are supporting them through their music and all their projects.

Like 7 young people who tell their story and growth through the medium we have chosen, music, at first we did not dare to imagine that so many people in the world would identify with our message and share it.

The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan commented in this letter that they feel very fortunate for all the love and support they have received, but they also confessed that sometimes they still cannot believe that what they are experiencing is real.

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For them it is a dream to be able to travel the world and meet so many fans in the stadiums, getting to know people who come from different places and with very different ages.

Faced with the growth in popularity, the BTS members said that it is something that makes them feel grateful, but it is also for this reason that they have adopted a new responsibility because they know the impact that their words and actions have.

We are 7 young people who learn and grow like everyone else

Although these Big Hit Entertainment idols know that it is a shame that they have not been able to meet with their fans in person but fortunately they have found other methods to keep in touch with them.

This time has also given a space to their creativity, so all of them have prepared more music to spread a message of hope, as happened with Dynamite.

On the other hand, this group is about to release a new video game and the first trailer to promote BTS Universe Story has already been revealed.


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