BTS would act like this if they were your friends


The BTS members know the value of friendship, so they would behave like best friends. The Bangtan Boys have one of the most interesting chemistry within K-pop groups, the boys in addition to understanding each other very well on stage they love, support and take care of each other in daily life. In hundreds of interviews you can see the good friendship that Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, RM and V have.

Before their official debut in 2013, the singers and rappers had to live very closely together, if they wanted to fulfill their dreams they had to adapt to living different experiences together, which made them stronger and created a more united group.

BTS is one of the most popular bands in the world, being a group with resounding success both within South Korea and abroad, gaining recognition from the international music industry.

Some critics speak of the Bangtan Boys as a global phenomenon, but another thing that must be noted is that those represented by the Big Hit Entertainment company are excellent friends and their bond goes beyond the professional, they see themselves as a family.

This time we bring you how the BTS boys would be if they were your best friends, will they be protective, sincere or affectionate? Find out, keep reading …

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Surely Namjoon would be one of those best friends who constantly recommend you movies, books and very deep series, he would arrive at your house in an unexpected way to take you to an art gallery, he would talk excitedly about all his plans and projects, you would be the first person to which would teach him their lyrics and songs.

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The oldest member of BTS loves food, so he would invite you to dinner or lunch, but if there were any problems with you, he would not let you eat from his dishes. They would go to the games in the park like little children, they would enjoy a lot between laughter and jokes. LOL.


Suga may seem very serious, but he just needs to meet the right person to feel comfortable, the BTS member as a best friend would be very protective, he would not let anyone hurt you, especially since being his friend is already being like his family . Owww.


V loves photography very much, I would ask you to be his model for a very important job, I would also recommend jazz songs, they would spend it talking on social networks and passing funny memes. Hahaha.


The rapper of the Bangtan Boys would surely be one of those friends who always make you smile, you would know that you can count on him every day at all hours, he would not leave you alone in the less important and happy of your life.


Jimin is a very cute boy, he would spend his time hugging you and playing with your hair, annoying you when the boy you like passed by you, they would share their food and their sweets, because that is what best friends do.


The BTS member would be a great friend, because despite being the smallest idol in the band, he is also very mature, he would give you invaluable advice, they would play sports together and he would listen to you whenever you need it, a very protective person who will never talk to you. would abandon.


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