BTS won’t rest until they win an award at the GRAMMYS


BTS members reconnected with their fans and made a promise that shows their determination. BTS will continue to work on more music and surpass their achievements to gain GRAMMY recognition, they explain this commitment to themselves and their fans.

Recently the boys of BTS returned to V Live and in addition to talking with their fans around the world, they also showed their commitment to continue releasing music that is better and better and thus obtain the award they have been waiting for a long time.

The boys reflected on some of their accomplishments and the love they have received from their fans, prompting RM to ask what promise they could make to their fandom as a show of affection.

Although Jungkook proposed a concert in the future, Suga surprised everyone by pointing out that the best promise would be that they would not rest until they were awarded the award from the US National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Here on the album, underneath the ‘Grammy nominated’ sticker, put one that says ‘received’.


Let’s remember that recently the idols were nominated for the next delivery of these music awards in the United States. The boys showed their excitement upon hearing their mention for this gala, but the event has been temporarily delayed.


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On March 14, we will witness the corresponding ceremony for this year and BTS could take the GRAMMY they have been waiting for so much.


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