BTS without Grammy nominations, ARMY enraged


BTS without Grammy nominations, ARMY enraged. While some ARMY continue to hope that BTS will be nominated later for the Grammys, many others show their disagreement on social networks.

Grammy nominations have been revealed and with it the controversy since while BTS the kpop group of the moment does not have any nomination, Lizzo, an artist that many qualify as not so popular, leads the nominations with 8.

The ARMY is upset and disappointed after the news that the boys of the South Korean group are not among the nominees of the famous presea.

Through social networks, they have expressed annoyance at this fact or their hopes that they will soon be recognized in this way.

Too bad they didn’t nominate BTS in the #GRAMMYs, I think that nomination and award will come, not this year but it will arrive, wrote Vero Guitiérrez on Twitter.

The words of encouragement for the group are a constant in social networks, their fandom supports them and their successes too.

For us they will not be nominated, but for me they have already won the biggest prize in the world, to become the great people they are now, the user identified as ALMU shared.

The ARMY had been moved by the news that the costumes of the BTS boys used in the Grammys would be exhibited in a museum, they thought that meant that something special happened with them and the recognized awards.

It was revealed that young people seek to support the fashion industry in their country Korea with this initiative and it was thought that they would be favored at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Yonhap said that BTS will wear at The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles and that they were sheltered with the talent of JayBaek Couture and Kim Seoryong to design their outfits so that their work is recognized.

It was revealed that the boys’ locker rooms will begin exhibiting from November 20 and will be next to those of other stars such as Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Michelle Obama.

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