BTS wins People’s Choice Awards with four awards


BTS triumphs on the night of the People’s Choice Awards 2020, the K-pop group managed to win all their nominations and take 4 awards.

The idols of BigHit continue to establish this year as one of the best for their careers, with their first # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the boys showed why they are the most popular in music and their loyal army of fans has been a great boost for their career, therefore, this weekend they celebrated the new trophies that were added to their list.

This Sunday night the 46th edition of the People’s Coice Awards was held, a gala that rewards the best in cinema, music and TV, organized by E! of the CBS television network. The host of the night was Demi Lovato, who was in charge of presenting the different categories, BTS was nominated for four of them.

The Public Choice Awards were held virtually, as were the voting, where ARMY played a fundamental role in the triumph of the K-pop group, the members have managed to create a unique connection with their fandom, adding new fans to their ranks and receiving thousands and thousands of votes on social networks to choose them as the best of 2020.


BTS had a great start to the year with the release of “Map of the soul: 7,” with promotional singles like “ON” and “Black Swan,” which earned them the Best Album of 2020 award, even though they already 9 months have passed, this material continues to give recognition to the group.

“Dynamite” was crowned the favorite of their career in 2020, their first song in English gave them their first # 1 on Billboard, one of their biggest dreams and at the People’s Choice Awards they won Best Music Video and Best Song of 2020 ARMY shared various messages on social media to congratulate Bangtan, who although they did not have a performance, did share a video to thank ARMY for their support.

Finally, after all their platform records, album sales and taking the best of the year, BTS was crowned the Best Group of 2020. These four victories are only a part of what could be carried in the winter ceremonies in Korea of ​​the South.

The boys of BTS have consolidated their popularity in K-pop, so they decided to open more branches of their famous Pop Up Store! with exclusive merchandise.