BTS wins their eighth win and finalizes promotions


BTS wins their eighth win and finalizes promotions. This was all that happened during the boys’ presentation at the SBS show.

The BTS boys attended the Inkigayo program and won another win .

As part of the itinerary their new record material ‘Map of the Soul: 7’, the boys changed the way they promoted a little, since they started doing it in the United States and then they did it in their native country.

This would be his eighth win , in the shows on television , with which the band would be closing its promotions, the performance of ‘ ON ‘ was spectacular, because as always, the boys showed why it is that their talent and work have them the first Market Stall.

This presentation was made on a platform where dancers and the boys enjoyed giving a show full of lights and the raucous sound of the melody, the outfits of the boys were also different, as it was a combination of black, white and silver, with decorative garments such as harness or chains and gloves.

Recently the boys are with this album in the list of artists that reach 1 billion listeners within the Spotify stream platform .

Check out the full video :


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