BTS wins Dynamite fourth and brought the awards


BTS continues their winning streak and earns the fourth win for “Dynamite” on Music Bank. The BigHit group made a big bang with their first English single, which has broken records and reached # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the retro song has been very successful in the United States and in South Korea, where the boys, Although they have not performed, they have been able to win various awards, Soobin received the most recent one instead.

In the most recent broadcast of Music Bank, a musical show where TXT member Soobin is one of the main MCs and declared BTS as one of the winners in the weekly ranking, for which the K-pop group got a new trophy for “Dynamite” thanks to the score obtained for its position in the Korean charts.

The support of ARMY has been fundamental for the success of this comeback, since they must stream daily on platforms such as Melon and Genie, lists that are taken into account for music shows and depending on their position the idols obtain first place, BTS has already added 4 wins.

After finishing the program, Soobin was in charge of receiving the trophy on behalf of Bangtan, he looked really happy and excited for his company colleagues; In addition, he celebrated by dancing “Dynamite” during the farewell, he was also photographed at the exit of the program with the prize box in hand, apparently he himself will deliver them in person to be added to his collection.

On social networks, ARMY shared messages of congratulations and support for BTS and the success of “Dynamite”, moved by Soobin’s reaction and imagining the reaction of the boys when he receives it from his friend and TXT partner, between both groups. Korean pop songs have been shown support.

The BTS fandom also celebrated the new win of “Dynamite”, because after their comeback with “ON”, the K-pop idols managed to win in several programs and are the group with the most awards of 2020.


Recently, the boys of BTS seemed to give a new track for their comeback and it might be sooner than you think.


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