BTS wins Best Pop at MTV VMAs 2020


BTS is crowned and wins all its categories with the award for “Best Pop” and “Best Choreography” with their song “ON”.

The album “Map of the soul: 7” was one of BTS’s most successful, they managed to sell millions of copies, broke records and ended an era and “ON” was their lead single, a video that merged their talent and a great dance team to create a unique performance, half a year after its release, Bangtan gets a new award thanks to their comeback.


“ON” was crowned the song “Best Pop”, adding the third prize of the night for the K-pop group. The boys thanked through a video the support of ARMY and the invitation of MTV, they also assured that they seek to comfort their fans through music.

The stars of BigHit have made history, since they not only debuted as the first Korean act on MTV, but also were crowned in one of the most important categories such as “Best Pop”, originally intended for American artists, but thanks to the ARMY support managed to add another trophy to his career.

The K-pop idols were also crowned “Best Choreography” by ON, as it was a joint work with a dance organization, without a doubt, the originality of BTS and its great synchronization for the choreography made it deserving of this award.

The boys recorded several of their thanks for ARMY, as they have been in charge of giving them the wings to be able to fly and reach the top of their dreams with music. Congratulations once again to BTS!

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