BTS will star in Fornite’s Party Royale how to join the event


BTS will debut in the Fornite video game and you will be able to enjoy a virtual concert and recreate the choreography of “Dynamite”.

BigHit is betting everything for the promotion of the K-pop group’s English single, from appearances on popular shows, the release of various remixes and versions of the MV to celebrate the success of the boys after reaching # 1 on Billboard, it is expected that “Dynamite” is the song of 2020 and becomes a phenomenon of “Fornite”.

Through social networks, it was announced that BTS will be part of the next event of the Fornite video game “Party Royale” on September 25, the download of this game is free and you can do it from the Play Station consoles, X Box One , Nintendo Switch or on your computer or from your cell phone.

Bangtan’s participation will consist of presenting the choreography of “Dynamite” within the game. You can take your character or avatar to said field and enjoy the virtual presentation, you can even dance to the songs, you just have to download the BTS dance mode package that will be available in the Fornite Store from September 24.


The promotion of “Dynamite” will also allow ARMY and the players to recreate the MV of their song, you only have to enter the Creation Mode from September 23 to explore a world set in the 90s, such as the scenes of the music video, in addition , you will be able to fulfill some mini missions.

BTS Fornite Royal Party times for September 25:

6:00 PM – Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua

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7:00 PM Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Colombia.

9:00 PM Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

September 26

2:00 AM Spain

Fornite is a video game that contains many modes to enjoy battles, explore worlds, face other avatars, among others. In order to enter the game mode, follow this official link where there are a series of steps to follow that will tell you how to get to the main stage, if you have a friend, brother or gamer cousin you can ask for help.


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