BTS will have its special comeback in M Countdown next week


BTS will have its special comeback in M Countdown next week. The boys will start the live presentations of ‘ON’.

With the release of a new album the promotions of the main single in the musical shows are also coming. Therefore, some channels are beginning to show the comeback announcements that the Bangtan boys will have in each show.

M Countdown recently announced that BTS will return to their studios to have a special comeback before they start competing for the weekly win with the help of their presentations, votes and streaming from fans.

To give this notice, the show presented a small promotional teaser of what we will see soon. The video begins by showing a short scene of NO , with the boys on stairs and a white stage with musicians around. As the boys descend from the steps we see a transition from light to dark and the title ‘N.O’ becomes ‘ON’ , the title of the promotional single for their new album.

With this teaser fans have begun to wonder if the concept of ‘ON’ will be related to the MV they launched years ago . The album Map of the Soul: 7 promises to be full of emotions that reflect what is BTS to seven years of its debut, so the connection with a story of his past is a possibility for the history of their music video. Do you think NO and ON will be connected?

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