BTS: Will RM find love?


They have revealed an interesting fact about RM, the leader of the South Korean band BTS, discover what the ideal girl of the idol would be.

The idols of BTS continue to add more successes in their artistic careers, since since the launch of their new and long-awaited song “Dynamite”, they managed to become a trend by having added millions of views on YouTube in just 24 hours after its release.

The boys have been very focused on music, but will they have time to think about love? It is one of the questions that ARMY has asked, so RM the leader of the South Korean boy band gave details about it and revealed what he would like from his ideal girl.

The 25-year-old rapper finally spoke about the skills and appearance that he would like his future girlfriend to have, so his fans were very attentive to the comments that the singer of the K-Pop group made about it. BTS’s idol is a real heartthrob.

RM reveals what his ideal girl should be

We remember that at various times the BTS idols have shared some details about their possible girlfriends, but this time the leader of the K-Pop band preferred to talk about height, leaving the girls very excited, who now know how much they owe to measure.

The boy band member would like his future girlfriend to have a height between 1.64 and 1.70, because RM is a tall boy, so he considers that his ideal girl should have an average height for both of them to captivate the ARMY.

RM of BTS, in addition to his great popularity for belonging to the South Korean group of the moment, has proven to be a conqueror with the girls, as the leader is still single and melting the hearts of his fans. Do you think RM will find his ideal girl?

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