BTS will reveal a preview of ‘ON’, Their New Song


Surprises continue for BTS’s musical return, fans are very excited. BTS is closer than ever to make its comeback . In a recent BTS publication I let your fans know that I would give them a preview.

Through the platform of video , TikTok , BTS will present a 30 – second clip in which he will be able to see a small spoiler on the song ‘ ON ‘ main track promotional of ‘ Map of the Soul 7 ‘ which will leave tomorrow, February 20 through the aforementioned social network.

There is much speculation about the style and concept of the song , about the connections with their previous track ‘ NO ‘, but in the meantime … the boys want to offer a breakthrough and ‘ON’ to their fans .

The @bts_official_bighit account will reveal in a special way the advance of ‘ ON ‘, which officially the MV will be announced on February 21, here we have the confirmed schedules for you to be aware of the addendum in TikTok .

– 3:00 PM: Nicaragua, Mexico , El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

– 4:00 PM: Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Panama.

– 5:00 PM: Bolivia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

– 6:00 PM: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay.

– 10:00 PM: Spain.

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