BTS will release a new video game sooner than you think

Surprises for BTS fans continue as Big Hit Entertainment and Grampus announced that they have established an agreement to work together, so Grampus will be preparing a new video game about the idol group.

The gaming company signed a license agreement on BTS’s property rights, so you can use the image of the seven members to create a simulation mobile game, it is the union of two great forces, because although BTS is the most popular group of the moment, Grampus games have accumulated around 20 million downloads in the world.

There are still no great details about what this simulation game will be presenting, but the company announced that they will seek to be a new benchmark for this type of project and they are pleased with the opportunity to capture the appeal of BTS.

Plans indicate that the new simulation game will be launching in 2021, reaching the global market thanks to the good performance that Grampus has around the planet.

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