BTS Will Be Your Study Partners Whenever You Need It


Do you have trouble concentrating while doing your homework? BTS will be the necessary motivation to study. If you get easily distracted when studying alone, the Bangtan Sonyeondan boys will become your classmates while you do your homework and here we tell you why.

Exams and assignments can be a liability that creates complications for students from all over the world, whether you feel too pressured, you find it difficult to concentrate or you simply cannot find the ideal moment where you feel motivated to do it, for moments like this it comes. Study With BTS.

In South Korea, many students are preparing to take the national university entrance exam, so many of them should pay attention to the reviews and solving exercises that help them.

With only 77 days remaining until this test date, Bangtan Sonyeondan idols have launched the #StudyWithBTS project in order to help their fans focus on acquiring the knowledge necessary to reach their school goals, so take ARMYS in and out. Korea may benefit.


Videos have long been popular on the internet where people share their study time, sometimes through video calls or simply using the clips as accompanying vlogs. For some people, seeing others studying and doing homework is motivating to start doing their own homework, but it also provides a sense of company.

Although previously there were already videos of the BTS boys created by fans for this modality, now they themselves prepared a clip of almost 22 minutes where we see them appear one by one while they focus their attention on reading or some exercises.

That is why if you place this clip of the Dynamite performers while you do your homework it will be as if they and you were in the same study group and thus you will not want to leave your desk while you review the necessary with the artists of BigHit.

This proposal will not only serve for the exam season in Korea but around the world, would you like to study like this together with the idols?

We also told you recently that Jungkook celebrated his birthday and J-Hope gave him a surprise cake, why was it so special?


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