BTS will be part of the OST of the movie Your Eyes Tell


The film will be released on October 23 and the first teaser has already been revealed. BTS’s new song, “Your Eyes Tell,” will be part of the soundtrack for a Japanese movie coming soon.

The boys continue with the promotions of their next album “Map of the soul 7: The Journey”, the first single is titled “Stay Gold”, a couple of days before the release of the album, the boys will reveal another second single,.

The first preview of “Your Eyes Yell” was released on social networks , a remake of South Korean history called “Always” that premiered in 2011. BTS will have a new OST on their singles list, the song of the same name has a meaning sad and personal, as explained by Jungkook and Jimin.

It is the first song produced by Kookie and was selected for this film that presents the love story between a blind young woman and a boy who made a living fighting in a ring. “Your Eyes Tell” will show that sometimes love is stronger than life’s misfortunes.

In the preview it is revealed that the protagonist suffers an accident and loses her sight years ago, soon after things between them will be put to the test, because her lover will have to face the bets and the mafia of clandestine fights to pay for an operation to to get my sight back.

The couple met by accident, but love will link their lives, although the protagonist keeps a dark secret about the end of his career as a fighter. Both will discover how love can heal past mistakes and help them find hope.

The eyes are said to be known as the doors of our soul. The movie will be released on October 23, it is not known if the boys will attend the premiere, but according to the Billboard portal, “Your eyes Tell” reflects all the feelings of the film and the couple, the lyrics captured emotions about a future bright despite the darkness you may face.

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It is not the first OST they have done, V already did it with Sweet Night for the drama “Itaewon Class”, which managed to break the record of the group and Adele by positioning itself at # 1 in more than 103 countries.

Recently, it was revealed that the boys had a surprise for ARMY , but due to COVID they had to cancel the plans with which they planned to promote “Map of the soul 7”, but they may retake the project, it was not revealed what was tried.


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