BTS: Why is J-Hope the richest member of the group?


Let’s take a look at J-Hope’s solo career and see how he became the richest member of BTS.

All things being equal, you would think that BTS members would have the same income. For the most part, that is the case. Each member of the group has a net worth of approximately $ 8 million according to Showbiz.

BTS is worth between $ 45 and $ 60 million, following the high number, each member would receive approximately $ 8 million. However, Jung Hoseok, better known as J-Hope, seems to be above the rest.

The lead dancer, rapper, and genius behind the song “Dynamite” is worth $ 12 million. So how is it that J-Hope has more money than the rest of his bandmates? Let’s take a look at Hobi’s solo career and see how he earned a higher net worth.

Who is J-Hope?

The BTS ARMY gasps at the question! J-Hope, born Jung Hoseok, is a singer, rapper, and lead dancer for BTS. He chose his nickname because he wants to “bring hope and light” to ARMY. Before Hobi joined BTS, he was a member of the Korean underground dance group Neuron.

As a member of BTS, other members trust him to teach them the choreography for their performances and music videos. J-Hope is Aquarius and his birthday is February 18. He’s incredibly smart, with an IQ of 148 and top scores on his school tests.

The BTS rapper was born in Gwanju and his blood is type A according to the Amino fan site. His hobbies include listening to music and window shopping, activities he can do when moving from one place to another.

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Solo work

J-Hope’s motto is: “If you don’t work hard, you won’t get good results.” J-Hope lives it by working tirelessly on dance moves for BTS and putting his songwriting talents on both BTS and solo.

J-Hope released an EP called Hope World in 2018. Described as a “mixtape,” Hope World soared up the charts thanks to the single “Daydream.” Hope World reached number 38 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

J-Hope became the highest-rated Korean solo act on the chart. Her single “Daydream” hit the charts at No. 3 on the World Digital Songs Chart, climbing to No. 1 the following week.

J-Hope and his altruism

The “Chicken Noodle Soup” performer is far from stingy with his net worth. J-Hope often donates to charities, and frequently supports ChildFund Korea. His most recent donation was to help children struggling during the pandemic.

“I hope the donation is well delivered to vulnerable children who have been harmed by various social problems, especially children who are experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19,” he shared via Soompi.

He also founded scholarships to help low-income and high-achieving students. He has established a scholarship at his alma mater for low-income students with the best grades and good behavior.

J-Hope made this scholarship on his 25th birthday, donating KRW 100 million (about $ 90,000) to his school. Hobi is the 146th member of the Green Noble Club for Children, a club for donors who have contributed substantially to children’s charities.


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