BTS: Why do you call RM “Namu”?


BTS’s RM has several nicknames but one of the ones he likes the most is “Namu”, here we explain why they call him that.

According to a Twitter user, RM -Namjoon- likes to be called “Namu” because his name in Japanese is pronounced like this and in Korean it translates as tree, besides it is no secret that he loves nature, in fact in In the new “BE” images, we could see RM posing next to a bonsai tree.

Namu = Namjoon

On the other hand, the Twitter user explained that RM also “likes to go to museums, he likes to look for crabs when he goes to the sea and he loves ARMY very much”, and quickly, his publication began to have thousands of reactions from loyal fans who agreed with him in everything he said.

ARMY Comments on RM

ARMY’s comments were immediate, this is what they said:

“Anyone who tells me that he is not perfect is lying”, “I always tell him like that”, “Then now I’ll call you that, Namu”, “A beautiful summary of that great being called Kim Namjoon”, “It’s a love, I love it “.

Without a doubt, RM has become one of the most famous men in the world, and each one of the young members of BTS also has a powerful influence on social networks and in fashion, since each one they show an outfit, it doesn’t take long to be replicated.

Artists from other countries tend to replicate and be inspired by the looks of some K-pop groups such as BTS or Blackpink since they have contracts with the most popular and expensive brands, so everything they usually wear impacts the artistic guild .

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