BTS: Who are Jin’s parents? Here are some fan theories


Jin’s family life is one of BTS’s biggest mysteries. These are the main theories of the ARMY about the parents of the singer.

On stage, he is one of the BTS singers. Offstage, however, fans don’t know much about Jin’s family. Is Kim Seok-jin’s father a CEO? What has this idol said about his parents? Here are some of the fan speculations about Jin’s family.

Jin’s family life is primarily a mystery to BTS fans. He is not as open about his relationship with his parents as some members like Jungkook and RM are. Some fans, however, discovered more information about the family of this K-Pop idol.

Who are Jin’s mysterious parents?

Kim Seok-jin, also known by his stage name Jin, joined BTS about seven years ago. His father is reportedly the CEO of a company, although it is unclear which one or whether Jin ever worked there before joining the K-Pop group.

Some ARMY members believe that Jin’s mother might actually be a “Miss Korea,” which makes perfect sense. According to one theory, Kim Sunghee, Miss Korea 1977, could be Jin’s mother. A website puts as evidence the only known childhood image of the idol and her mother.

Koreaboo writes, “According to fans, the rumors stem from a bad translation of a Japanese publication. The article allegedly mentioned Jin’s father, but not his mother. However, at some point, details about Jin’s mother were added and later distributed. ”

Some fans named Jin as BTS’s ‘mom’

As we mentioned in The Truth News, Jin is the biggest member of BTS. It is for this reason that some fans refer to her as the ‘mom’ of the group. (RM is sometimes called daddy and Suga is sometimes called grandfather, so they have the whole family in this group.)

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Sometimes it is the star of the live streaming series, Eat Jin. Other times, Jin is a singer and dancer, performing and appearing in interviews alongside his six “brothers” in the award-winning K-Pop boy band BTS.


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