BTS: Which couple’s costume should you wear?


Match with the BTS guys. Find out which couple costume is ideal for you according to your zodiac sign? And celebrate the month of Halloween.

The boys of BTS have shown that this is one of their favorite times, over some years the idols have shared some photos of their costumes in this time of terror, although this year will be different, because the pandemic makes meetings and parties impossible that get used on October 21, but you can come up with your costume for the following year.

If you also want to dress up at home and update your social networks with a horror photo shoot, you will need to adapt to the personality of your zodiac sign and match with one of the Bangtan members, they can wear outfits inspired by superheroes, legends, movies, things everyday, among others, but that they combine with each other and to demonstrate all their couple power.

Halloween is a date that gives us the opportunity to transform into other people, put on makeup, watch horror movies, trick or treat, even make jokes to scare our friends. BTS and you could wear the best costume of the time, for this, you must choose the best outfit, beyond the terrifying, the fashion of October 31 inspires the best costumes.



For this sign, the ideal is to make macth with costumes inspired by the circus theme, from clowns, jesters, trainers or magicians. You could choose to pair up with Jimin and dress up as Harley Quinn and the Joker.


You can combine your costume with RM and choose an outfit inspired by a fearsome scarecrow, also cowboys or superheroes, you can couple match with the leader of BTS and choose a costume for Spiderman and Spidergirl, Batman and Batgirl, Superman and SuperGirl.


A mysterious, dark and striking costume is ideal for you, you can combine it with Jin and wear costumes in the style of Alice in Wonderland, they can also be a couple of catrinas or black swans, they can even personify fallen angels.


A colorful costume related to nature is ideal for this sign, you can combine it with Suga and dress up as hippies, wear an outfit similar to Batman’s Poison Ivy, something related to flowers and be a fairy, while Yoongi it can be a goblin or elf.

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The best sign to make couple costumes can be of any theme, for example, a teapot and a cup, ketchup and mustard, among others. Although you can also impersonate the most famous couples in entertainment, whether from movies like Chuky and his girlfriend, Freddy and Jason from Halloween, among others, you can match with J-Hope


You or Jungkook must choose costumes related to Disney characters, be a witch or a couple of vampires. Elegance, makeup and dark colors will be your best weapon, you can also choose a classic costume, such as Charles Chaplin or Romeo and Juliet.


You can match with V, whether it is social superheroes such as Robin Hood, Musketeers, Zorro, among others, they can be a couple that fights for the well-being of people and show all your girl power with a costume like Wonder Woman, among others.


You can combine with Jin and be inspired by cartoon costumes, such as SpongeBob, Pokemon, Dragon Ball, anime, among others, although they can also recreate outfits based on iconic Halloween characters such as Michael Myers, Carrie, Scream, among others.


Suga and you will make the best couple, they can be inspired by some video games such as Among Us, Minecraft, Halo, among others. They can also opt for much simpler and everyday costumes such as real life characters, some office worker, famous singer, etc.


The match with Jungkook can be catrina or have fun with an animal costume, be it lion, rabbits, elephants, panda bears, among others, nature must be present in your outfit. They can also opt for a royal-inspired outfit and wear vintage clothes and masks.


The mythical characters of legends, ancient civilizations or epic stories are your thing, you can combine it with J-Hope and make a costume of Egyptians, Vikings, Game of Thrones, mummies, among others.


Some science fiction character or with supernatural powers is the ideal for you and Jimin, from Eleven from Stranger Things, Power Rangers, Nija Turtles, X-Men, among others, they must be shown as powerful characters with great powers.

The boys of BTS have proven that the Halloween season is one of their favorites, relive their best costumes.


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