BTS: What would Suga’s “dream girl” look like?


Suga from the group BTS hopes that the person who steals his heart has these characteristics.

BTS is notoriously private when it comes to romance. None of the seven members of the group have admitted to having a girlfriend, preferring to focus on their career and their fan base, ARMY.

With that said, some of the members have discussed what they look for in a girlfriend, be it personality or individual style.

Suga, born Min Yoon-gi, is perhaps the most eloquent member of BTS when it comes to the subject of a “dream girl.”

She has talked about the kinds of characteristics that she likes multiple times and has even specified the kinds of musical interests that she would like her future lover to have.

The things Suga looks for in a partner

Funny personality

Suga told Somag News that her ideal girlfriend would have a peaceful demeanor but also have a great sense of humor. The BTS singer claimed that he doesn’t laugh as much as he would like, so the notion of a couple who can make him laugh on a regular basis is very appealing to him.

Suga has said before that personality is more important to him than appearance. During a 2014 interview with Oricon Style, he admitted to being open to different orientations and different genres as long as he made a legitimate connection with the person.

“I focus on the personality and the atmosphere,” he said. “I do not have an ideal type and it is not limited to a girl.”

Suga has also admitted to being the short-tempered member of the group, so he wants a partner who can balance that with calmness and kindness.

Musical interests

Music is the main focus of Suga’s life, so it makes sense that he wants a partner who shares his tastes.

He told reporters that he wants a girlfriend who listens to hip-hop more than any other genre, specifying that he likes the idea of her listening to hip-hop with big headphones.

Suga admitted that its specificity may seem strange to some fans, but that it is a visual cue that always gets their attention.

“For me it’s not clothes, but mine is a bit strange,” she explained. “A Hi-Fi (High Fidelity) headphone. Kind of like when you see that people carry expensive electronic devices with them. When I see a girl with that kind of headphones, I’m drawn to it. ”

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The BTS singer wants someone he can bond with, and considers musical taste to be one of the most important connectors. “It would be nice if she had hobbies or preferences similar to mine,” he added.

“It would be great if she [had] a lot of interest in music. Then, we will have much more to talk about, “said the idol.

Long distance situation

Suga spends most of her time recording music or touring the world. If you were to start dating, it would probably have to take the form of a long distance relationship.

During an interview with KoreaBoo, most of the BTS members agreed that Suga would be the one to attempt a long distance romance.

Suga agreed with her group’s assessment. If anything, the singer said that the distance may even suit her personality better than the daily routine.

“Perhaps I would like the other person more if I am in a relationship with one from another place,” he admitted. “Usually I can’t bear to meet every day. I think it is enough to meet once a month. But it’s probably because I haven’t thought about love, since work is still my priority. ”

In truth, Suga hasn’t been in a relationship since he was in eighth grade. He was dating a girl while pursuing stardom with Big Hit Entertainment, but they broke up when he was accepted as a K-pop trainee.

Australian connection

Suga has given a variety of different answers when it comes to features that grab his attention. He told fans that he loves a “genuine smile” and that his favorite scent for women is peppermint.

He also admitted that he likes Australian women. Suga told SBS PopAsia that he loves performing in Land Down Under and that Australian fans are some of the most passionate in the world.

“I missed the Australian fans so much,” he gushed. “I wanted to go back because we all have very happy [memories] in Australia. The fresh air and the nice people were the best. ”

In a 2014 interview with Hanryupia, Suga assured her future partner that they would never tire of her boisterous personality.

“You could never fall out of love with me,” he affirmed. “I’m the type of person who takes the first step.” Do you think you meet the requirements to be the ideal person for Suga? At Somagnews we want to know your opinion.


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