BTS: What Was The Band’s First Win And With What Song Did You Win With?


BTS participated in many shows before achieving their first win, do you know what song they achieved it with? In South Korea there are many programs in which each band tries their best to achieve a triumph with their songs, when and with which song did BTS achieve their first win on a television show?

Programs such as Inkigayo, The Show or Music Bank are very important for K-Pop because in these the different bands are presented with their performances to impact the public, generate more fans and take the recognition of the program thanks to the votes of fans, listeners preferences, and song chart positioning.

BTS debuted in 2013, but their success didn’t happen overnight and the idols of this boy band worked really hard to climb the industry and get to where they are now; from South Korea began the struggle to stand out, grow and break borders with his music.

And before achieving the international award nominations that Bangtan Sonyeondan has today, he first triumphed in his home country for one of the South Korean television programs, something memorable for ARMY and widely celebrated at the time.


On May 5, 2015, BTS got their first win on a Korean TV show, they did it on The Show and it was almost 2 years after debuting; Bangtan idols celebrated to the fullest after receiving their first win and being able to make ARMY proud as well.

Even the Bangtan Boys went to see a movie with ARMY as they promised they would if they won the show.


The song with which BTS obtained its first win was ‘I Need U’, which we can find in ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1’, a song that became the main search in portals and was positioned in the number 1 on various South Korean music charts.

Bangtan succeeded and since then they have not stopped anymore, today it is one of the most successful K-Pop bands in the industry and no one can stop following them around the world, although the first support they had in South Korea, today they have a fandom that spreads globally.

On the Liberation Day of South Korea, the president named BTS in his speech, the reach of idols is very large today and they are highly recognized even by the authorities.


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