BTS: What Time To See The Permission to Dance Challenge Video


BTS has already chosen their favorite videos from the Permission To Dance Challenge and will collect them, what time to watch the video?

The ‘Permission to Dance Challenge’ was a success, millions of ARMYs and even idols and artists uploaded their videos dancing to the rhythm of BTS’s song, the band chose their favorite clips and will put them together in a video, when can we see it?

BTS summoned their fans to record a little dance cover of their most recent song ‘Permission to Dance’ , a track on which they collaborated with Ed Sheeran and made everyone dance and sing; conforming to a new success for the group of K-Pop .

ARMY uploaded their videos and hoped that Bangtan Sonyeondan would choose their favorites and compile them into a great video that everyone wants to see already; we could see Elton John doing, such as Idols of ATEEZ and ENHYPEN dancing with this song of Bangtan Boys to meet the challenge .

And finally, Bangtan has chosen his favorite videos to collect and today we can see the result, will you appear in the BTS video ? We have all the necessary schedules and channels to not miss details of this premiere of the ‘Permission to Dance Challenge‘ , the idols will have a very special guest.


Chris Martin , vocalist of Coldplay , will interview BTS before releasing the video that will compile the shorts of the ‘ Permission to Dance Challenge ‘ that Bangtan idols loved the most. This interview and video can be viewed through the official channel of BTS on YouTube .

What time can we see it? The interview and video will premiere at the following times :

September 9:

  • 9:45 PM: El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras
  • 10:45 PM: Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama
  • 11:45 PM: Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Bolivia, Puerto Rico and Paraguay

September, 10th:

  • 12:45 AM: Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay
  • 5:45 AM: Spain

Do not miss this great release and accompanies your favorite idols beside a great artist to see the best dancers from around the world with this song so great Bangtan .


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