BTS: What Suga stole from Jungkook without my noticing


BTS is a worldwide phenomenon, therefore, its members are the richest idols in South Korea, however, it was not always like that.

Although currently, the members of BTS have a fortune of more than 12 billion won, it was not always like that, in the beginning, the members of the K-Pop band had to deal with criticism and with a tight budget.

The members of BTS are the richest idols in South Korea and while each had a rough start, Suga had the least support as his parents disagreed with his dream of becoming a singer.

In those moments, the face of brands like Samsung and ambassador of Louis Vuitton, survived thanks to the songs that he managed to sell. Is that why I steal something minor from Jungkook?


As part of their first promotions, BTS attended a program that invited them to perform a dynamic to demonstrate the trust and sincerity that existed among its members. Each one had to make a confession and Suga’s was the most fun, according to El Heraldo de México.

The rapper recalled the time Jungkook thought he had lost his underwear and confessed that he was the one who borrowed without warning. But the artist did not explain if it was because he had not been able to wash new clothes or for another reason.

Upon hearing that peculiar anecdote, ARMY showed their support and love to Min Yoon-gi (Suga) by sending him a large supply of underwear so that he would not “steal” those of his classmates again.

But currently, the rapper already has a great fortune, drives luxurious cars, travels in private jets and resides in the most exclusive areas of Korea.


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