BTS: What is the superhero that inspires Suga?


The BTS idols revealed who the superheroes were that inspired their styles, and while some chose himself, Suga was shocked.

In a recent interview for GQ, the BTS idols revealed who their “style heroes” were – those who had served as great inspiration for them in fashion over the past few years. While some chose themselves, Suga managed to surprise.

Which superheroes did the BTS members choose?

“I’m my own hero,” Jin gushed, which made the other BTS idols angry. The older BTS member warned that one should not feel pressured for style and should wear what is comfortable for them. Adding that one should not care what other people think about one’s outfit, he added that one should wear what makes one “comfortable and happy.”

J-Hope chose Snoopy because he gives the rapper a fun way to express himself and adds that he has Snoopy clothes and pajamas. Hobi feels that one must try everything one wants in order to create one’s own style. He also went through trial and error to create his own style, leading Jin to say that his BTS partner is a “fashionista”.

Jimin won hearts by casting ARMY, as he ensured that the fandom inspires him in all aspects of his life. “It’s because they are my reason for living,” ChimChim said, adding that he strived to become as friendly, sensitive and warm as ARMY.

Jungkook proved once again that he is RM’s biggest fanboy by choosing Bangtan’s leader as his style hero. Kookie noted that Namjoon was the starting point of the life he leads today and is also someone he can learn a lot from. “Besides looks and musicality, he also has a ‘sexy’ mentality,” the My Time singer explained to GQ, who had J-Hope joking around.

He also assured that more than incorporating RM’s style, it is about finding a certain potential within himself. Jungkook concluded that while he doesn’t have a specific style, taking care of himself and grooming himself can be a method of self-expression.

RM is inspired by the painters Kim Whanki and Yun Hyong-keun whose works of art are very different. While one loves to express his thoughts, the other is generally quiet. He also goes after them for life advice to express his own thoughts. Namjoon called them amazing artists and confessed that he is always learning from art forms. For the Bangtan leader, style is all about attitude and one should try to buy things and let it become part of oneself. You have to wear it comfortably and with pride, concluded the rapper of Intro: Persona.

Then we have V, who chose his father. Taehyung explained to GQ that his father was very stylish as he used to run a clothing business a long time ago and thus he too was influenced and has a desire to dress really stylish like he does while looking at old photos. For TaeTae, individual style is important, which is why he thinks that his style and that of his father are different. “I’ve incorporated my father’s facial features,” the Sweet Night singer joked, causing the members to laugh with Jimin touching his face as RM added, “That’s the biggest addition.” V concluded: “Be yourself. Create your own unique style.

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So… which hero is Suga inspired by?

While some BTS idols are inspired by themselves, Suga surprised with his response, as he is inspired by a superhero who has appeared in both comics and movies, which by the way is the favorite of many and has quite a personality. mysterious.

Suga, the idol of BTS, chose Batman specifically from The Dark Knight. “He is one of the few superheroes who is a weak human being, and I like that about him,” Yoongi confessed to GQ explaining why he is inspired by Batman and added that when he was a teenager, he preferred more striking clothes, but as As an adult, you value comfort in your outfit and wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Which member of BTS is your style hero? Share your choice in the comment section.

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Additionally, Dynamite MV set a new YouTube record for the most views of a video in the first 24 hours of release. The boys also won 4 awards at the 2020 VMAs, including Best Pop, Best Choreography, Best K-pop for Map of the Soul, and Best Group.


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